Dark Soul as a destroyer


and how they dig their own graves and on why the psychopath feels the need to destroy victims lives long after the relationship cycle has ended.


I wrote this post after reading a number of other posts by Steve Becker of Lovefraud on the sheer audacity of the sociopath and Claudia Moscovici article on how Sociopaths win by Losing.


Steve talks about the audacity of the Sociopath whereby the feel they can literally get away with murder.


Personally having experienced how ruthless and seemingly fearless the Dark Soul or psychopathic personality is not only breaking down their victims but destroying at all costs even if it means them getting caught and why they might feel the need to do it.


Psychopaths are known for their lack of fear but at the same time they often have other associated personality disorders along side such as malignant narcissism. Deep down they have a sense of self hatred and loathing which is why they feel the need to have a constant fix of kind loving empathic individuals that they can then slowly pull down to their own level. Its a bit like the analogy I put in my book Dark Souls where they take a helpless spider and pull the legs off one by one. Just to see what happens. Why do they do it, because they they can.


So why does the Dark Soul or psychopath feel the need to destroy their victims and what about when the relationship is well and truly over.?


Many targets complain that well after the relationship ends they are stalked by the psychopath or they continue to bombard them with emails and spam. Sometimes they will try and befriend you on face book or constantly monitor what you are doing by stalking you. Even when you have moved on with your life recovering from financial hardship, emotional stress and so the psychopathic personality is not happy. With their own deep sense of self hatred they will often feel jealous and may be vindictive by sending your viruses on your PC or other inconveniences. Its their way of saying. “You think you have moved on, but I will be there in the background constantly monitoring you”.


Its also their way of bringing you down to their disgustingly low level. On a conscious level they know exactly what they are doing and want a reaction. They hope you will hate them as much as they hate themselves. Even if you have no evidence with them they want to continue contact and being extremely narcissist its all about getting attention, any kind of attention. What better way to get your attention than for example to hack your computer or send you vile pictures on your computer. What better way for them to project their vile angry unowned thoughts and feelings back onto their victim so that they do not have to own them .


Psychopaths are notorious for using sneaky underhanded tactics when it comes to playing dirty whether it be getting the authorities or lawyers on their side or other members of the family. They will always find a way to turn the tables back onto their victims and say they did nothing creating crazy making behaviour. If and when the victim finally has enough lashes back the Dark Soul can then say “See I told you she/he was crazy - Look what she did !”.


The worst thing you can do to a Dark Soul is be indifferent to them. Since causing a reaction is their game this creates a distinct kind of “does not compute” interference with their brain chemistry. Its almost as if they cannot understand why no one would react to their silly games. If you can imagine a robot about to explode. This is the reaction that indifference causes to the psychopath.


They may be thinking to themselves “Ha I hacked into their computer today, why didn't they do anything?” “I sent them those disgusting pictures via email but why didn't the response or react?”


Because they psychopath is so sneaky and makes sure they do everything in a way that you know they are doing it but they cannot be caught its a fine line between being indifferent to them and enabling them. They end up feeling so omnipotent they think they can actually get away with anything.


On a personal note, those who have Malignant narcissism and psychopathy or sociopathic traits or both do understand the concepts of the law and how they will only go so far. After all it would an inconvenience for them to end up in prison.


To some degree, let them be the destroyer but keep evidence along to way. So long as its not causing you physical or emotional harm.  However when things get out of hand let them know in no uncertain terms what evidence you have on them because at the end of the day all they are doing is digging themselves an even bigger grave to put themselves in.

Having said that its not as if they need one because they died along time ago.


When have finally had enough of their stupid games make it very clear that you have been careful enough to have collected evidence on them and give them the shovel. Trust that like all good sociopaths they will get caught eventually from their own stupidity and will end up digging their own graves.