Review from Pat, USA

I received this review from Pat who read Dark Souls and did the excercises in the book.

Talk about a miracle! I was fortunate enough to listen to a YouTube interview Sarah had with Dr. Michael Smith.  The topic, "Narcissistic/Dark souls" had really struck a chord with me. I was so impressed and intrigued by Sarah's comments that I emailed her privately. She immediately responded and we developed a wonderful relationship THAT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! After having read her book and also connecting to the links she suggested, especially John Nutting, I have found the answer to behaviors and treatments by my mother that have dogged me for over 50 years.
Through the book, I was able to read dialogue that was strangely familiar. I was able to understand behaviors that had crushed my person and my soul all of my life. What a RELIEF!!! I was not alone, and certainly not the only one to have these experiences. That was the first joy I experienced.
The second joy and consequently, healing, came from the realization that I could never, EVER do enough for the NPD person.  I have beat up myself over the years, experiencing illness and depression, trying to win the love and approval of someone who is incapable and not willing to give it. After reading Sarah's book and now, others, I have come to a place of peace I have never known.  I have also lost weight just through this change in my understanding and mind. It is like the 'heavy armor' I have had to wear to 'protect' me is coming off! 
Since I am in the States, Sarah in the UK, I do not have the luxury of attending her session, which I would love to do. But she has so graciously pointed me in so many directions of help that I will be FOREVER grateful to this woman. Her pain in her relationships has translated into explaining my pain and her healings have become my roadmap to my own healing.
The NPD relationship in my life is my mom, so this is not something that I can end, as in a marriage or love relationship. But the tools that I am learning have given me the POWER to deal with the relationship the best way it works for ME, not the narcissistic person.
I feel like a new woman. I feel free for the first time in my life. I feel like the door has been opened and the heavens have smiled on me! I feel that I do not have to wait until my mom 'dies' in order to be myself. I have already claimed myself for myself. The pain over these 56 years has been washed away in the understanding that it was NOT ME!!
Read this book. Get the tools to heal yourself. Demand your life back from the person who never has and never will have your best interest at heart. Do the work, become whole and sane.
God bless you Sarah for your love, help and healing force.