The Dark Soul as a Magician


I was prompted to write this article after having a chat with my brother who is a stage hypnotist, magician and illusionist. We were talking about the power of beliefs and our ability to suggestibility.


He wont divulge how he does his tricks for professional reasons, but he was explaining that often when doing them he taps into the mindset of the person using cold reading techniques and so on, much like Derron Brown does. I have to say in all honesty my brother is one of the best close up magicians I have ever seen and uses some of the most amazing mind techniques I have come across including some very convincing illusions.


He is often showing me new tricks which including mis-direction and during the course of conversation we got to talking about beliefs and magic.


My mother spent years reading black magic books and to be honest I was terrified of black magic. My mother would warn us to use never touch it and yet there were books all over the house on it, even though she never practiced it.  Both my brother and I have developed an interest in the rational side of magic, trying to understand how it works. He has read hundreds of books on it trying to understand how it works and so on. I have tended to avoid it, I have been so scared I never wanted to read a book about it in my life and yet my brother wanted to find out what was the big deal by reading as much as he could about this whole "magic" thing. He doesn't believe any of it and thinks the power of magic lies in the persons fear of it.


His belief is that if you believe in something strongly enough it will affect you. He decided to go out one evening in his Gothic magicians get up, which is the persona he uses on stage. Instead of just playing the part of the Gothic magician he would play the part of a "real wizard" this time by claiming he had some strange powers that could control your mind and so on. Of course the people on the receiving end of this didn't know that it was a trick  or that he wasn't a real wizard and were completely convinced, along with a couple of extremely clever if not freaky visual diversions that would have made anyone think the person in front of them was in fact a demon. I am not joking when he told me I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  And I am glad he didn't show me the trick because I would have probably run out of the room LOL.


His point was that none of it was real and yet the person he was doing the trick on absolutely convinced themselves it was, coupled with some real visuals to back it up, so that they actually started to hallucinate in a very real sense. Combined with a bit of hypnotism  that they didn't know was being done on them, they went away thinking they had met a real wizard of the darkest order. Of course none of it was real but it was an experiment into the power of thought and I am glad to say that he went on to tell them afterwards that it was all a trick, thankfully.


Now how does this relate to the psychopathic personality. The Dark Soul plays on fear and basically they want you to believe they are dangerous and yes to some degree they are. Like the Dark Gothic wizard they have the unique ability to tune in and read us.  The difference is  they are not doing it just for a trick or for entertainment purposes they are doing it because they want you to be afraid of them.  They are doing it to entertain themselves and to manipulate and exploit!


This is the difference and yet if you were to see that some of the things they do are actually done by manipulation, some of which I have included in the book, would you fall for them? Would you actually have the same feeling for them if you know it was all a trick or game? You know that consciously that the Gothic magician is a fake. You might not be able to figure out how they do their tricks. So why on a conscious level, if you know the Dark Soul is fake, does it take you so long to recognise them for what they are? My belief is that they play on our fears and when there is no fear they have no power over you anymore. You are able to walk away, do whatever you need to do on a practical level to protect yourself and stop letting them affect you.


My further suggestion is that like the Gothic magician you stop figuring out why these Dark Souls do what they do. See them as the magicians or fakes that they really are and stop letting them have any hold over you.  Stop seeing them as some kind of wizard with special powers but rather a disorded sick indivdual who has nothing better to do than play tricks on people.


After all they only have a hold over you if you believe them.  And the "magician" can be a magician if he knows his audience is aware how he does his tricks.  The show is then over.


I know from my acupuncture training there is also the power of intention. For example we are taught that when we place needles into a person we must always do it with positive intention otherwise the person may not get better. There is much debate as to why particular methods work and after having a very interesting discussion of different types with a colleague on different types of energy healing if you believe it, it will probably work. For example 'psychic surgery' which is something I do not personally believe is and yet it has produced some amazing results for some of its followers and despite many proving it to be total hogwash.


Having received so many emails to date from women who have literally been in fear of these predators long after they have left them, although there is a slim chance they will come back into our lives the less we focus on fearing them the less likely we are to attract more in the future or worry about them returning.


I'll be doing an interview and a possible seminar at a future date with Dr Jon, my brother, who believes that these Dark Souls are complete predators. He will be explaining all the ways you can be manipulated and literally put in a trance by these predators. He will be talking about the cold reading techniques they can use on you including Pick up Artist (PUA techniques) that can start off as a friendship and end up with you literally get you into bed within minutes that ends up forming the sexual bond that starts the whole relationship off. Which incidentally usually results in unprotected sex.


After all how many women have had relationships with psychopaths that they have not slept with first ? Once you learn about the dynamics of the sexual bond that gets you hooked in the first place which I explain about in great detail in my book, that many people look back and say, “I was mesmerised by him”, or “I dont really know what I saw him to be honest” you will wonder how you ever ended up in bed with them in the first place, even if the sex was great. Hopefully the interview I do with Dr Jon will give you some eye opening tools so that you can learn to spot them as fakes before they spot you.



Incidentally Dr Jon appeared on the cover of my book.  We got a mirror from the local from second hand shop and borrowed some clothes for the lovely "nice" man in the mirror and bit apologies to him for me making him wear the piggy tie LOL and with the help of a bit of clever editing in photochop presented him as the lovely "evil man" on the cover that is now Dark Souls. 

For those that know him personally not half as scary as his persona LOL.  Like I have said before don't judge a book by its cover. He works as a full time video animator when hes not doing magic tricks