Why "Bad Boys" are dangerous for your sexual and mental health


The importance of NO CONTACT and no sex when leaving a psychopath.


"Think before you give your heart to a marketing lie" 


As most people know who have been with a psychopath or a narcissist everything about them is a façade or a lie. But it is only until the mask slips that we find out, often far too late.


I got this post in my in box this morning on Bad boys, entitled “Why Bad Boys Excite you” http://blog.californiapsychics.com/blog/2010/11/why-bad-boys-excite-you.html/ and the bottom line really grabbed me “Think before you give your heart to a marketing lie”


I wanted to put my own take on this. In the article they talk about sexual attraction and as most people know from being in a relationship with a psychopath there is usually some kind of sexual attraction that keeps us remained stuck in the relationship for far too long. However this is just a small part if it. Sexual attraction is based on an emotional bond and lots of other stuff including the lovely chemical “fix” known as Oxytocin. Oxytocin is one of the many chemicals produces that makes us feel good. It is also known as the trust hormone. In a recent experiment a group of people were given a whiff of oxytocin and those who whiffed it were more likely to give the other person their cash!. Imagine what it could do to a person in relationship who is “receiving” lots of oxcytocin via a mans sperm.


Its also a well known fact that most psychopaths are risk takers without any regard for the safety of others and will be most likely to have unprotected sex with their victims. The victims on the other had are easily conned and convinced by their the façade that the psychopath portrays with their slick marketing game that its not too long before they are willing to have unprotected sex. Most of my clients have had to go and get themselves tested for STD's and some have been unfortunate enough to catch things from them.


The scarier part is that the more sex you have with the psychopath the more your trust him. Literally they are pumping you with Oxytocin each time they have sex with you which is one of the reasons why it's so important to disconnect and have NO CONTACT, no physical exchanges and more importantly NO sex!


What's even more interesting is that unlike the attractive slick people that this article discusses, whom are probably just game players out to sleep with as many people as possible.  The psychopath on the other hand isn't always as attractive and well packaged on the outside. In fact many people who have been in relationship with them and managed to escape will say things like. I don't know what I ever saw in them to be honest. It wasn't like they were even attractive or intelligent. I just don't get what it was that kept me hooked.


If the sex with the psychopath was amazing, withdraw the sex and the mist starts to clear. You start to see the person for who they really are.


As the article above states. Normal relationships don't move quickly. They take time to develop. So if someone is trying to get you into bed by whatever means possible within a couple of weeks of your meeting them RED FLAG.


Ask them how they feel about condoms and chances are they will come up with some rubbish excuse about how they have had the snip or are on the pill, or they won't feel the same “connection” with you or worst project on your and make you feel guilty, saying “Don't you trust me!”. Don't buy into this BS.


Better still tell them you will sleep with them if they agree to go to the STD clinic first with you!. Chances are they will know you have seen them coming and run for the hills because you have managed to spot them before they spot you.