An experiment into the exchange and flow of Energy


I remember listening to Dr Emoto who did the water experiments and was mentioned it the film What the Bleep .


We are all energy and when it comes to relationships they should be a two way exchange.


Healthy relationships flow easily and when easy and flowing.  The book celestine prophecy describes the exchange and flow of energy between people and how the world will not wake up if some people insist on stealing other peoples energy.  This video clip below highlights how it works in an ideal world. 


It is OK to love people freely but what if the person we are in relationship is with is a Dark Soul, a narcissist, an energy vampire or a psychopath/sociopath.  Most of the time they consciously steal our energy and as a result most people who have been in relationship with these people end up feeling like their life source is being sucked out of them. A bit like a plug being plugged into the wall socket. You are the source and they are tapped into your life force.  As a result you are not able to give that love freely to the other people in your life because you have literally been sucked dry.  As a spiritual life coach I was unable to heal others when I was in relationship with this Dark Soul.  I felt like my energy was toxic and did not feel comfortable sharing energy with anyone else as most of the time I was carrying around their unowned stuff along the with unowned feelings I needed to deal with in myself that kept me stuck in the relationship in the first place.


Unlike the man in the film above, Dark Souls are unable to wake up or become spiritual or learn about real love.  They are unable to give love.  They are lost in the void of their own darkness.


During the time I spent with my psychopathic ex partner, nothing flowed except in his direction.  During the time I was with him my work dried up, I got sick, I put on weight. And yet the minute I would finish with him the phone would not stop ringing for work, literally "within hours" of me consciously making the decision to end the relationship. After I would flip between feeling sorry for him taking him back, and he would feel envious because I was working again whereas I found out later had no proper job, and then I would go back to having no work again, the phone would stop ringing, the weight piling on again, I would get sick again and so on.


I am a firm believer in Feng Shui, to me it is just logical. Clear up your mess and everything flows around you. As a child I grew up with mess everywhere and although I am not really tidy I like to clean up every now again. People tend to give me lots of things. When I find I have too much I give it to charity and then find that more things come along to replace them. I see it as just energy. Its constantly changeable.  And yet why do we find it so hard to leave these dark Souls.  We have to leave them physically and energetically.  All of which is discussed in the book Dark Souls - Healing and recovering from Toxic relationships.


I always keep lucky bamboo in my kitchen and I have two pieces of lucky bamboo which represented my relationship. When money was tight the bamboo would not grow properly and I would have to replace it. I also have a money tree which would usually look a bit sorry for itself.


In the bedroom I kept two pieces of lucky bamboo which in my mind represented us and the "love" we had between us. Within weeks as you will see in the pictures below, one of the pieces would die off very rapidly. I thought perhaps it was coincidence.


Then one day it was my birthday. It was the first time he actually bought me a present. I love flowers and my daughter had bought me two bunches of lilies. He had bought me another bunch as an afterthought on the way over for lunch.  I had all three vases of flowers on the kitchen table. A week later I was picking out the dead ones as I normally to to freshen them up and my son was in the kitchen at the time. I said that's really odd. I got all these flowers at the same time from Laura and xxxxx and the ones that xxxx bought me are complete dead. My son who was 12 at the time said something very proufound, he replied “that's because Laura loves you and xxxx does not”. I didn't repond, how could I, he proved to be spot on. But 3 weeks later the flowers my daughter had bought me were still thriving.


I decided to see whether there was something in this whole energy exchange thing and each time the one bamboo would die I would replace it.  Always the same, same water, same supplier and yet always one would die. He even bought me some roses one day. I kept two of them and dried them. And guess what one died as well.


I do not have all the photographs but as you can see the money trees are growing well as is the normal lucky bamboo. As for the two I kept that represented the relationships with a Dark Soul. One is Dead. I believe this represents how they are inside. Soulless and dead and it is also how you feel when you stick around them for too long.


With extensive cord cutting and all of the healing work I did on myself using the tools I wrote about in the book Dark Souls happily since leaving him, my finances have improved dramatically, my weight has all fallen off. As for him I have no idea, nor do I care anymore because I know from bitter experience the minute you exchange energies with these people its a one way street.


dead lucky bamboo


dead lucky bamboo energy vampire


lucky bamboo money  money tree


As an intuitive empath which affected my aura badly.  During the time immediately after I left and before doing the excercises I describe in the book I was on the receiving end of intense psychic attacks.  Below are the before pictures.  As you will see the first picture was taken and the whole area surrounding me was blue which relates to anger (their anger I might add) After a week of doing the exercises described in the book a week later my aura was clear. No make-up. No photo edited, no dieting, just different energy altogether.


under psychic attack