How to find the Grain of truth in a pile of Sand

pearl of wisdom in a pile of dirt

(or Finding a Pearl of Wisdom in a Pile of Dirt)

I have talked a little before about projection and a while ago I did a post on “Beware of Spiritual fluffy bunny type gurus” so I am following up on that post and how some people project and why they are so dangerous they are for victims of Dark Souls. Many of the victims are left skint and looking for answers so the last thing they want to do is get scammed by someone else.

Recently I signed up for a free video from a person who appeared in the Secret. I couldn't afford his programme so signed up for the free ones. I often receive videos and articles on self help because of the work that I do helping victims of Dark souls.

I wasn't a massive fan of the secret although it did have a few interesting ideas about why we attract certain people and situations into our life which I did discuss in my book such as our negative beliefs and so on and why Dark Souls prey on certain types. Having done a bit of research on some of the people that appeared in it a few have interesting backgrounds to say the least.

Like James Ray this person is also very charismatic and charming and as much as his videos seem quite good he has a certain amount of incongruence to him. Much like the other man who appeared in the same film James Ray, who is currently on trial for for the manslaughter of two people who attending one of his very expensive sweat lodge ceremonies. The trial still continues and despite this he still appears to use classic pity play and promotes himself . He seems more concerned with helping himself and doesn't appear to be that concerned about his victims.

Whatever people think of James Ray at the end of the day he charged alot of money to people who were vulnerable and now is being made accountable for his actions. Personally I would have thought he would have respected the wishes of the people who had died and the last thing he would be doing it trying to get more support for himself.

So going back to my original discussion about the man whos videos I received in my inbox. I had been watching his videos with interesting and as with most high pressured sales tactics there is no such thing as getting a free lunch when it comes to the self help industry. You get to watch a few free videos and then are offered a once in a lifetime promotion! with ever increasing numbers of emails daily before the sign up date.

It was only a matter of time before I got hit with the chance to sign up to his once in a lifetime programme with an opportunity to buy now at a drastically reduced price that I noticed a comment by one of the readers.  Without posting the comment in full it turns out this man has recently gone bankrupt.  Quote "why before you declared bankruptcy, when it was clear the business was not going to survive? did you sell to others as a solution fail on your own business? "

On a bit of further investigation I noticed the same "guru" been doing a bit of selective face saving and making himself look good. He was writing a post about a lady scammer and said the following.  Some words have been changed to protect the guilty.

Hi Everyone,

"In the last few days I have been receiving what seemed to me very pushy tactics to send money to one of our members. ****** my intuition told me to be very careful. I have decided that I agree with the allegations that she might be a fraud and possibly a scam artist."

He then goes onto say "Trust your gut *******. We want to be able to trust one another."

I was left thinking, talk about the pot calling the kettle. Here's a man who has just gone bankrupt, is highly respected, and yet has taken everyone's money and then putting himself out there ready to take their hard earned money all over again.

Whats happening is he is actually projecting and talking about himself when he talks about this lovely lady.  He is not only acting fraudulently but he uses the same pushy sales tactics that the lady he complains about to get people to buy his programmes even going so far as to send a recent email entitled "Did you get my email ???" with a nice little catchy sales line in the email saying "My system is telling me that the emails might not have been delivered to your in box and I want to make sure it's not our fault."

Well 10/10 for creative marketing.

So be warned because those who have high levels of narcissism really aren't that clever and they are often talking about themselves. What is even more interesting is they usually tell you exactly who they are but sometimes they will put one tiny grain of truth in their ramblings.  The easiest way to uncover them is to read between the lines and you will often find a pearl of wisdom such as "Trust your gut".

So thank you very much for your secret pearl of wisdom because when it comes to seeking spiritual guidance from self proclaim gurus help is at hand especially when you have been a victim.  All you need to do as this man so generously advises is do a bit of research, trust your gut and remember when something looks too good to be true it normally is.