Oh No I think My Psychopath has a heart !

heart of stone


I am writing this article a little tongue in cheek but bear with me. You see for all of my posts on Malignant Psychopathic narcissists I think I may have been a little harsh on my ex. I have stated in no uncertain terms in both my book and my articles that these predators have no feelings and no heart and no conscience and no soul.


They are ruthless to the core when it comes to getting their own needs met.


So many people email me even after they have read Dark Souls when their narcissist or psychopath comes back with their tail between their legs the moment they caught out promising to change or saying things like “but its different this time” or saying “I love you”. Abusers are master manipulators and very good and pretending how “sensitive” they when it comes to expressing their feelings. They mirror the people they abuse perfectly. Yet victims still want to believe that psychopaths have a heart.


Its that puppy dog look in their eyes that gets the victims every time. We look into their eyes that we selectively forget can lie without batting an eyelid and listen to their made up stories about how “sorry” they are. We watch their crocodile tears that look like something that came out of a method acting school and despite the uncomfortable feeling that doesn't sit well in our solar plexus we so very much want to believe that our psychopaths have a heart.


It came as some surprise to find that recently my psychopath ex who reads this website regularly decided to steal my kitten on my birthday. He dreamt up the idea after hacking my emails over the last couple of months and seeing how distressed a friend was at losing her own cat. My guess his thoughts must have turned to inventive ways he could get back at me and he'd run out of ideas. So what better way to get back at a woman that has found him out, moved on with her life and was happy, than to steal her beloved kitten on her birthday. Only a heartless cruel psychopath would so such a thing. But as with all malignant psychopaths their behaviour leaves us with a few dilemmas.


Why would they do such a crazy thing?

Why would they want to hurt me?

How can I prove it?

Why wont they leave me alone?

This list goes on


After doing the usual things like going to law enforcement and so on we are usually powerless when it comes to dealing with psychopaths. Often there is little proof of what they have done.


The reason a psychopath would do this is to say in no uncertain terms to the victim. “Look I can come into your house whenever I like, stalk you and even take the thing you love more than anything. I can and will continue to keep on trying to hurt you”. Psychopaths are notorious for stalking their victims for years.


Since the police are unable to enforce anything I was left with the dilemma of how to get poor kitty back. Do I appeal to the psychopathic stalkers conscience which of course they do not have, Do I appeal to their better nature, which they do not have either or, do I scare the crap out of them back.


Scaring the Crap out of a Psychopath

However be warned, “Scaring the crap” out of the your psychopathic ex, especially if they are a narcissist, can be risky. You have to be sure you can fulfil it and have something on them that will cause them even more distress that it would cause you. Psychopaths and narcissists understand the law and they they dont particularly want the inconvience of having to go to prison or work for money. So when scaring the crap out of them make sure you know where to hit them the hardest, within reason.


In this case it was the sending an email to a friends email address, knowing he would read it which said “if the cat wasn't returned within a week I would do tell his family about him and take my kids along as well, Appealing to his “better” nature I suggested what they came out with might not go down well with his rich parents”.


It appealed to his greedy nature that meant he would probably lose out more by not bringing her back and I am happy to say that said kitten was returned safe and sound the following day!


However, what was even more interesting she look fed, watered albeit a little disorientated by her ordeal but she wasn't harmed.


So does that mean my psychopathic ex has feelings or has a heart for being so nice to my kitten. No. He probably sat with the poor kitten for a whole week venting his rage and anger and palmed it off on one of his other girlfriends or children in a bid to win them over or get back into their good books. That was until he got the email and then his plans came crashing down on him and he thought “sh*t I better return her back quick”


Since narcissists and sociopaths always try to keep a wide relationship circle he was probably half hoping in his grandiose mind since it would be impossible for him to accept that someone would want to dump someone as fantastic as him that I might “selectively” forget the kidnapping incident at some point in the future. He might even be half hoping that if he needed a bit of narcissistic supply and if I were to bump into him in the street at a later date and I'd see those puppy dog eyes I might forgive him. The same puppy dog eyes that lied about loving me and the same puppy dog mouth that lied about having cancer.


Does it mean he has feelings No. It means he was feeling sorry only for himself because he knew he was dumped for being a lying manipulative predator and that is reason he has been stalking me for over 18 months and the only feelings he has are for himself. Does it mean I should feel sorry for him and his sad condition. No


So wake up and don't be fooled because even the most heartless of psychopaths can use the old “I love animals trick” and just because they don't go around murdering kittens doesn't mean they are harmless sociopaths and aren't cold and calculating Dark Souls and have anything in their heart but a lump of old rock.