Re: Current Nutter Number 3,271

For all those Women who have been felt, old, sad, unnatractive and worn down by nutters. This is for us.

Putting our wishlists out to the universe using the law of attraction.


Dear Universe, or God, or Higher self or whatever you want to call it, or big stop sign that is plonked above my head that everyone else can see and I can not.

I would like to say thank you for making me a so called expert in psychopaths and narcs and passive aggressive department and any other disorders but I am really over it ! I really am. Perhaps you are not really getting it. I have learnt my lesson and I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT need any more reminders to test my belief system that I may attract, psychos nutters or have to be an enabler for narcissists, or psychos because I am not. I might feel powerless sometimes, and that its all my fault, when its not, but I really have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in attracting any more nutters. Nor do I have any interesting in trying to figure out what makes them tick anymore or helping them.  

Thankyou so much for the lesson, I really am grateful. 

I know what makes them tick and even though there may be a big red flashing neon sign that "they" can see and I cannot saying "come over here and I'll try and figure you out". The reality is I am NOT INTERESTED. You see I don't really want to know what makes them tick at all to be perfectly honest, because the lesson is learnt ! Been there done it and got the T shirt. In fact talking of T shirts I am going to get some T shirts printed for the website which say "DONT EVEN GO THERE, BECAUSE I KNOW!"

I have done my homework as we all know from school if you do your homework properly which I did as despite having ADHD I usually got A stars. If you do your homework properly we don't have to do it all over again. And with regards to these nutters I have done it, experienced, it, researched it, lived and never want to go there again!

So please stop reminding me by sending me more nutters just in case you thought I might need the odd reminder or that I might be missing them in my life for some f***ed up reason because I DO GET IT! I really do.

And while your at it you can send me a nice, normal, generous, kind man with perhaps the same sense of humour as me ;) to remind me that I am still hot and sexy and lovable and not past my sell by date.

That would be very nice, thank you very much.

I look forward to receiving my order very shortly

Kindest regards


Sarah Strudwick


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