The Perfect Man



I once read a beautiful story about a man who had gone in search for the perfect woman.

He was deeply unhappy and one day in his search across the time-space dimensions of the universe, he found her. She was spiritual, loving, kind and all the things he wanted in a woman. She was in essence the woman of his dreams. One of his friends asked him whether he had not met his perfect woman all these years. He told him that he met the perfect woman many years ago, but only once in his whole lifetime.

Sadly, he didn't marry that woman and died a very unhappy man at the age of 56. Looking puzzled, When his friend who was sitting next to him on his death bed, ask why he had not married her back then if she was so perfect and was all the things he wanted in a woman. He replied, "Because I was not the perfect man"

To be what we want in a relationship we need to be that in ourselves. It starts by loving ourselves first, then as a result we can allow those who are willing to really love us to come into our lives. We don't have to be perfect but we can be authentic and honest.

There is an expression what we give out we will receive back. What we nurture in “ourselves” we can expect our partners to nurture back.

How can we expect anyone to love us in our search for perfection the person who is presenting in front of us turns out to be so imperfect. We start again from scratch and turn out attention towards ourselves. We stop worrying focussing on the imperfections in them and start looking at ways in which we can work on ourselves and become more authentic. Perhaps looking at our own imperfections as to why we would have wanted to be with them in the first place.

The moment we start nurturing ourselves instead of hating ourselves for giving our trust to these Dark Souls. The moment we stop putting any more energy and attention into worrying about why they are so imperfect we can start to be more perfect ourselves and then in the future attract the perfect person for us. One that is “perfectly imperfect” and can loves us just the way we are with all of our flaws and imperfections.