Are Psychopaths Dark Entites operating from Another Dimension


I was recently watching a video this morning by Dr. Michio Kaku discussing β€œFrom Universe to Multiverse β€œand it got me thinking about psychopaths and how they may possibly live in a different dimension to us. They may appear to operate on a 3 dimensional plane but what if they were to also operate energetically in another dimension that most average people could not hear or see but we could if we used our other senses.


You will have to bear with me for a moment before you thinking to yourself "Sarah's completely lost the plot on this post and gone off into la la land". Firstly I am one of these people that has always been very rational and wanted proof about everything. When I did my acupuncture training which was certainly esoteric compared to western medicine I wanted to understand how it worked.  To this day, with nearly 12 years of theory and practice behind me I still cant explain exactly how acupuncture works but it does. Even some of the spiritual practices I do such as voice dialogue, meditation and cord cutting aren't always explainable but they do have an affect whilst the theory behind the majority of my book is based on western traditions as well. I am currently apply for a degree in psychology so my theories aren't all based on some wacky made up stuff. In fact everything I wrote in my book I questioned first however stange it appeared.


Having done more than enough sessions with clients such as cord cutting and so on, I remember one particular session where I did a cord cut with an acupuncture client and was shocked to find he had his daughters dead spirit attached to him. It decided to follow me around my house for a few days moving cutlery and opening and shutting doors. It wasn't until the patient decided to let it go that the child left this dimension.  What was interesting was that the man appeared to be like a different person after the treatment.


When I first started going on this journey to understanding the psychopath and doing research, there used to be a woman who had a blog which is now closed down and she referred to the psychopath/sociopath as demonic entity. Her original website was which no longer exists. On one blog post she wrote β€œI have spent years looking into every aspect of the Sociopath and I am now completely convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Sociopaths are not human beings. They are negative or demonic entities who have entered human bodies at conception. β€œ


Unlike other books in this field when I wrote Dark Souls I talked about the spiritual damage these people do to their victims. I also went on to talk about how one particular doctor had found that some psychopaths were in fact possessed. I tried to explain how on an energetic level my own experiences of what could only be described as "psychic attacks" which continue on and off to this day in different levels of intensity.


If a person doesn't believe in psychic attacks or energy outside of themselves then its hard to explain rationally how could a person possibly affect another persons energy when there is no physical contact with them. Many people have emailed me saying how they too have had similar experiences including waking up at night, having nightmares or having a feeling of being watched. Strange things happening to them that they cannot explain or having illnesses they wouldn't normally have. They may feel like they energy is being slowly drained from them. Often they will see their abuser in their sleep. Is it just the victims imagination or purely Post traumatic stress or could it just possibly be be because these predators are operating from what Dr Michio Kaku describes as a different dimension or a parallel universe.


Psychopaths very often have narcissistic personality disorder and having been deprived of any contact with their victims it appears to be these extreme types that feel the need to constantly attack their victims on a physical by stalking. If all else fails they may try to get attention on a psychic level. For those who have experienced this you will know exactly what I am talking about.


Could it also be that the woman who described them as demonic entities in human bodies was right and that these people are sub human species who operate on more than one dimensional level.  Although I dont practice five elements acupuncture there is a five elements theory of acupuncture treats some people as being posssessed by spirits.  There are a set of ghost points and once the treatment is done the practitioner gets out of the room as quickly as possible in the hope that the entity doesn't try and attach to the practioner.


My guess is that perhaps psychopaths may be possessed but may also be operationing from a different dimension and that no one has all the answers right now. Its a combination of the many theories including genes and so on, much like acupuncture uses the theory that everything is both Yin and Yang and it also five elements.  Old theories dont just dissappear in acupuncture when new ideas come along but trying to prove why psychopath is the way they are would it be near on impossible. Its a bit like the old story that everyone believed the world was flat until someone actually came along and proved it was round. The same as everyone thought that acupuncture was nothing more than voodoo or some kind of placebo effect until they started realising that it actually cured people of illness.


However I have had a few interesting experiences since my wake up call having met Mr Dark Soul who unlike the unconcious spirit attached to the acupuncture patient is alive and kicking and knows exactly what he is doing. One wonders if they do psychically attack whether they do it conscious or unconsicious.  Either way being on the receiving end of these attacks is not something I would wish on anyone.  On a positive note, these experiences that we have as a result of meeting these Dark souls also include positive ones such an acute heightened sense of psychic abilities, and intuition I had stuffed down before I met him.


Often people who do psychic attacks will do them intentionally. It takes alot of energy to consistently attack someone to the level that some victims have experienced.  There are many books on psychic attacks including authors such as  Dion Fortune where she talks about people who have died as a result of such attacks.  Another author Joe H. Slate, Ph.D is a licensed Psychologist and writes extensively about energy vampires and despite his traditional training doesn't appear to be in la la land either.  Like acupuncture his theories are not just based on one model.


Many people poo poo the idea that such things exist and until such time as those few people people who understand the likes of energy vampires and western medicine catches up with the spiritual world, sadly few if any are going to believe the likes of me or others who write about these things.


My wish in the meantime is that these Dark Souls will start to realise that their attention is unwanted and that eventually they will disappear into the Black Holes from where they came, but they desperately want to suck us in to, and dissappear into another galaxy ;)


Until then I'll keep up my energy and vibrations high and carry on posting and educating people.